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Jammu GPS Infotech

We are providing our top-notch services for personal tracking devices, vehicle tracking devices, child tracking devices, and the fleet tracking devices.

JAMMU GPS INFOTECH is a well-liked name in GPS industry of Jammu & Kashmir & our thousands of satisfied clientele can vouch for that. Our GPS tracking software is incorporated with the cloud-related technology, in order that, users will continuously track their vehicles from anywhere with the enormous uptime. Our most popular and hi-tech products are VSS03, VSS06, VPT7, VPT9, VPT11, VBT, and many more.

Why choose us

  • Most advanced and up to date IOT solutions

  • Offer API Access for the Third-Party Integration

  • Real-time monitoring having complete accuracy

  • Integrated with GPS Mobile App and Camera for live images



GPS Software

We offer an advance GPS Software which is well-matched with all our GPS devices and well runs on each system without any type of hurdles. Moreover, it has a variety of functionalities which make this software accessible and user-friendly.



We facilitate our worthy clients with GPS Tracking App that supports on the latest versions of Android, iPhone, and windows mobile users. Our advance GPS Tracking App helps you to keep an eye over your loved ones and your worthy vehicles.


IoT Solutions

IOT is the inbuilt feature in all our GPS Tracking Devices. These IOT features are assured to provide proper assistance to both layman and big business firms. IOT features include temperature control, driver behavior, speed, and live camera footage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jammu GPS InfoTech is a GPS focused company which provides GPS tracking devices to the vehicle owners. With they can easily operate their fleet operational task every day.

Not installing the device properly will result in a loose connection that may cause communication failure, data loss, or erroneous data. In addition, false accident alerts and excessive accelerometer data may be generated because a loose connection may cause excessive vibrations on the device. Always make sure to secure the device and any harnesses used with zip ties during installation. This blog provides information about the importance of proper installation.

How do you configure driver feedback?

Real-time driver feedback can be enabled by navigating to the Vehicles section within VoxTrail tab, and then selecting a specific vehicle by name.

No. Upon activation the GPS devices will begin to send GPS information to the tracking portal and you will be able to look up its location. If you want to receive automated alerts, you do have to set up your own Zones and Speed settings and designate how you want to receive the alerts, either via email or text message.

If the GSM connectivity is low then the device stores (memory storage capability) the data and transmits the data as soon as the vehicle is in GSM connectivity range.

GPS is a satellite-based radionavigation system developed and operated by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD). GPS permits land, sea, and airborne users to determine their three-dimensional position, velocity, and time 24 hours a day, in all weather, anywhere in the world with a precision and accuracy far better than other radionavigation systems available today or in the foreseeable future.

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What is White Labeling

Jammu GPS InfoTech is a GPS focused company which provides GPS tracking devices to the vehicle owners. With they can easily operate their fleet operational task every day.

Jammu GPS InfoTech provides some of the best business based solutions for white labeling. As we know white labeling is an effective business solution for start-ups and small scale corporations to jump start their business venture. From inscribing your brand logo, to availing the solutions at a reasonable and affordable pricing point, voxtrail provides white labeling gps tracking solutions for all with some of the unique features.

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client reviews

We know it’s best when our clients are compelled to do the talking for us. See what existing clients have to say about us. Get to know more about us through our clients.


Suraj Bansal

Travelers, Bandipore

“Your low prices were important but not as important as providing my business with a reliable service.”


Pandit Vinay Koul


“Easy to use, fast efficient way of getting information about fleets on mobiles. On the occasions I have needed assistance, I have found the staff to be very helpful..”


Junaid Akhtar


“Amazing product for such a low cost. The products are super easy to use, with great documentation. Everything works straight away with no problems.”

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Get the latest news and update about Jammu GPS InfoTech , as we design and manufacture a diverse range of GPS based security and tracking devices vehicles.


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We exactly know the customer requirement in tracking location. So, we also offer automotive alert feature in our GPS device at the time of emergency.

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