Jammu GPS InfoTech is a GPS focused company which provides GPS tracking devices to the vehicle owners. With they can easily operate their fleet operational task every day. We offer GPS device with additional features which helps the user in getting nearby real time location.

We exactly know the customer requirement in tracking location. So, we also offer automotive alert feature in our GPS device at the time of emergency.

Why to choose our device?

We provide user friendly GPS device i.e. easy in tracking location of object or any object on vehicle.

1.Device is easy to use

2.Best class GPS device

3.Low cost GPS tracking

4.Fleet operation tracking

Jammu GPS InfoTech device also provide facility to get

1.Live GPS vehicle tracking

2.Alerts by SMS, Email, Mobile

3.Vehicle tracking reports

4.Real time fuel monitoring

5.School bus tracking

6.Pricing & Plans


GPS Device

Jammu GPS Infotech provides GPS device which is a prime concern now. It is facile to install and precise. Basically, these are designed for the customers who needs 24x7 real time tracking information.

GPS Software and App

GPS device needs a software and application to show live tracking information. Our GPS software/application is platform independent and user friendly.

IOT Solutions

IOT is inbuilt features of the GPS device. It has temperature control, driver behavior, speed and live camera footage. Succour for both individual and corporate clients.


location tracker GT02D


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